About us

Gerillaslöjdsfestivalen/ Guerrilla Crafts Festival

Gerillaslöjdsfestivalen, or the Guerrilla Crafts Festival, is an art group from Sweden, a creative network and sometimes a space, where people gather to express their opinions through craftivism (craft+activism). At the moment in full work with Voices of Yarn, but also through the Swedish pom pom carpet ”Fantasin till makten” (roughly translated  Let imagination rule) that will be handed over to the Swedish politicians in September, 2019. Guerrilla Crafts Festival recently dressed an entire bridge in the city of Borås in Sweden, in hand-made fabrics.

The Guerrilla Crafts Festival seeks to:
  • Find makers who previously haven’t thought about their craft in a political sense and get them involved and/or engaged in  craftivism. 
  • Give people an opportunity to express their political opinions through their hands. The Guerrilla Crafts Festival intends to widen the concept of democracy by upgrading women’s handiwork.
  • Act as a broad political voice by providing an opportunity for more people to immerse themselves in important social issues. Crafts can make a difference.

Is it possible to change the world with your hands? We and the craftivism movement claim we can. We live with the conviction that every time you craft, you bring about change. Guerrilla craft can be knitted, scrubbed or sown. It involves a creative mix of crafts, street art and installations. What brings them together is the creativity surrounding the material used and the message they deliver.The movement  itself is not loud or even audible. It does not destroy. Bead plates can be removed, knitting can be cut, embroidered stitches can be ripped open and plants can be moved. The craftivist wants to challenge prevailing ideas, whether it is through feminism, consumer criticism or fighting for human rights.

Photographer: Stina Gullander

The Guerrilla Crafts Festival consists of Frida Arnqvist Engström (@kurbitsmedia) and Maria Yvell (@virkadygnetrunt).

Curious to learn more about The Guerrilla Crafts Festival? Visit their  website: gerillaslojdsfestivalen.se