Voices of yarn is a co-work from the Swedish Guerrilla Crafts Festival, where everyone is invited to co-create rugs out of pom poms. Each rug has a goal, and the pom poms answers a question according to that goal. But most important, together our voices are strong and the rugs visualizes all of our dreams and hopes.

You can take part of Voices of Yarn in two ways. You can either join the work with an already ongoing rug. You find all the rugs here: Rugs

Or you can start your own rug and invite people to join.

Start your own rug.
  1. Read through the information on this webpage.
  2. Send us an e-mail to to say hello and tell us you want to start a rug.
  3. After that we will set a date and time for a digital meeting, to hear your idéas and tell you more about us and our work.
  4. We send you a short document about Voices of yarn and what can be usefull in your work.
  5. Good Luck! We are here for you all the way to answer questions.
  • Use #voicesofyarn, in that way we can take part of each other’s work.
  • Make pom poms together! It´s fun and you’ll have the chance to talk about what is important to you all.
  • Help us to spread Voices of yarn to each and everyone!